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Sandeepany Sadhanalaya runs an intensive residential Vedanta Course of two year duration. The students herein live the life of sadhaks as per the guidance of the Acharya in line with the ancient Gurukula System.

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Who Can Apply

Students should be:

  • graduates of any field,
  • have a sincere wish to study the scriptures and be earnest in the  pursuit of spiritual Truth,
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  • below 30 yrs and single (with exceptions in the case of otherwise deserving candidates),
  • free of family encumbrances,
  • endowed with a fair degree of proficiency in English, which is the medium of communication,
  • physically and mentally fit to go through the intensive coursework.

Gender, caste, creed, religion, nationality are no bar for applying for the Vedanta Course.

best essay writing market Last Date of receiving completed applications:  15 May, 2014.

Please download application form here:

  Vedanta Course 2014-2016 application form (3.9 MiB)

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  • First year celebration of 15th Vedanta Course