Life in the Gurukula

Here’s a look at a typical day at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya:

4:00 am                        Wake up bell
5:30 am                        Vedic Chanting
7:00 am                        Vedanta class
8:00 am                        Breakfast
10:30 am                      Sanskrit class (twice a week)
12:00 pm – 12.30 pm  Chanting Class
12:30pm – 1:00pm      Lunch
3:00 pm                        Tea
4:30 pm                        Vedanta Class
5:30 pm                        Snack
6.25 pm                        Jagadeeshwara Arati
7:00 pm                        Satsang
8.00 pm                        Dinner
10.00 pm                      Lights out
*The schedule is followed every day of the week except during special holidays.

Ashram Discipline

Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, as its name states, is the abode of Sadhana. Apart from classes, students are expected to study and reflect on the teachings learned and spend time in contemplation. It is a sacred place where one turns inward to understand the Self.
During the stay of two years the student is expected to follow instructions of the Acharyas and a strict disciplined way of Brahmacharya life. Attending all classes is mandatory with no exceptions.

Narayana Seva

In an throughout the schedule, students are also assigned Narayana seva, which ranges from offering assistance in Jagadeeshwara Temple,  serving in Annakshetra, maintaining Saraswati Nialaya and taking care of their Acharya’s needs. The aim of Seva is to foster a spirit of togetherness among all the co-students and to gain chitta shuddhi or purity of mind.


Students are required to wear white clothes (sari for women and lungi/kurta for men). The color white stands for the pure resolve in each one’s heart to evolve on the path of spirituality. Swami Chinmayananda called the students ‘Rishi-putras’ — children of the sages — and all through the Course, they remain and aim for an austere life in thought, word, and deed. The purity of the white in which they clothe themselves bathes the students in a peaceful aura and serves to spread a feeling of serenity all around.

Pyjama or salwar are allowed during seva, yoga class and in student rooms.

Students are required to purchase their own clothing and toiletries for the initial stage of the course. After a certain duration, they will be provided with a new set of white clothes, supplies and toiletries.


Since students will primarily be sitting down for class and their personal sadhana, it is essential that maintain their physical health. For this, yoga sessions are encouraged as times permits. Apart from this, students are also encouraged to take daily walks or exercise in their rooms.


The Ashram follows a pure satvika vegetarian diet (no onion/garlic).
Tea/Milk                 6.00 am
Breakfast               8.00 am
Lunch                     12.30 pm
Snacks, Tea/Milk   5.30 pm
Dinner                    8.00pm

The basic food for lunch and dinner is rice, sabji, dal and chapati with a few exceptions.  Boiled food is also available in a limited quantity for those who are on a strict diet. Students are recommended not to buy or purchase food from outside.

Ashram facilities

  • Jagadeeshwara Temple
  • Library
  • Office
  • Medical Facility
  • Hot water