Upadesha Sahasri Talk (Ch 10 Verse 5-9) by Swami Bodhatmananda

Upadesasahasri (Upadeśasāhasri), which literally means “a thousand teachings”, is a Sanskrit text of Adi Shankara.This work is part of Prakaraṇa grantha, and is considered Shankara’s most important authentic non-commentarial work.

Upadesasahasri is divided into two parts – one is in metric verse and another is in prose. There are nineteen chapters (prakarana) in the verse (or Metrical Part (Padyabandha). The manuscript of this work indicates that the two parts (prose and verse) were regarded as independent works and studied or commented upon separately. Manuscript also suggests the possibility that any single chapter could be studied differently – apart from the rest. This means one could/can start reading this work anywhere.

In this book, the great author has made clear the idea of the distinction between oneself and one’s body, mind, etc. and is able to convince one that one is not other than the Unlimited Bliss untouched by hunger and thirst, grief and delusion, old age and death, the only real Existence, the Goal of all human beings to be realized in life.

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