After the course

“…The whole exercise of the Vedanta Course is meant for you to change. The whole purpose is for you to use the Knowledge, to become the change you want to see." – Swami Tejomayananda

It is welcomed and hoped that at the end of his/her course each student will choose to be initiated into Chinmaya Mission’s monastic order as a brahmacharin (yellow cloth) in order to follow in the guru’s lineage (guru-shishya parampara) by serving at a Mission centre. In due time, Mission brahmacharins are initiated into sannyasa (ochre robe of a swami or swamini). Initiated brahmacarins are those students who have decided to offer their full-time service to teaching, studying, and reflecting upon the sacred teachings of the Scriptures. In general, brahmacarins are appointed as Acharyas to a center in which they can fulfil the above mentioned purpose. It goes without say that those initiated into yellow are expected to comply to the rules and regulations of the brahmacarin lifestyle.

SandeepanyChronicles – Graduation

For those students who are unsure of what path to do at the end of the course in terms of taking initiation or not due to familial obligation or other limitations, there is the option of serving the mission in white clothes. Those in white can serve the mission to whatever extent they can without being formally initiated into the monastic order. There are many active Acharyas who serve in white but also have the freedom to fulfil their personal obligations. Taking white provides a way for sadhaks to bridge the gap between the spiritual and secular world.

Having said this, it is entirely up to the student whether or not, or to what extent he or she would like to serve the mission upon completing the course.

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