FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Please note the answers to the below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided as a tool for understanding what students can generally expect during their stay in Sandeepany. Authorities reserve the right to change the policies at any time without any notice.

Course Information

Ques. When does the next Vedanta Course start?

Ans. On Makara Sankranti, 15th January 2024.

Ques. When will the Course conclude?

Ans. After two years.

Ques. What are the Course fees?

Ans. Accommodation, food, clothes and books will be provided free of cost for all students. For medical expenses, please find the answer in the “facilities" section below.

Ques. In what way can I send the completed application form?


Option 1) You may download, complete and save the editable PDF Application Form and email it along with the supporting documents and your recent photograph (the photograph can also be attached to the editable form) to sandeepany@chinmayamission.com

Option 2) Print, complete and send the Application Form along with your recent photograph and supporting documents by Speedpost/Registered post or courier to the address mentioned on the form.

Ques. What is the reporting date for the Course, once selected?

Ans: The reporting date for the 19th Vedanta Course is:

● For Indian Students: between 6 and 8 January 2024.
● For Overseas Students: between 27 and 28 December 2023 to allow sufficient time for FRRO Registration and other processes.

All students should provide arrival details to the Office of Tara Cultural Trust and, on arrival at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, must report to the Ashram Manager’s office.

Ques. How do I reach the Ashram?

Ans. The Ashram is located in Powai, Mumbai. The address is as follows:

Tara Cultural Trust
‘Sandeepany Sadhanalaya’
Saki Vihar Road
Powai, Mumbai 400 072
Maharashtra, India

The Ashram is well connected by different modes of transport.

By Air:
Mumbai International/Domestic Airport, [Airport code (BOM)] is closest. Sandeepany Sadhanalaya is around 30 minutes away from the airport by taxi.

By Rail:
People coming from Southern, Central, Northern Railways can alight at Dadar station and take a taxi from there to Powai, which is the name of the area in which Sandeepany Sadhanalaya is located, next to Larsen & Tubro (L&T) and The Westin Hotel, which are major landmarks to be informed to the taxi driver.

Ques. What is the medium of instruction?

Ans. English

Ques. What documents are needed for my visa and when shall I receive it? (Overseas Students)

Ans. The Tara Cultural Trust (TCT) office shall send the necessary documents with instructions in relation to applying for a visa. However, for any queries or clarifications please email tct@chinmayamission.com for the attention of the CEO, Tara Cultural Trust.


Ques. What do we bring along with us when we come to Sandeepany Sadhanalaya to study?

Ans. Three or four pairs of white clothes, toiletries, an umbrella, a steel water flask (1 or 2 litres capacity) and bare necessities.

Boys – White kurta and white dhoti (also bring white kurta-pyjama, which may be worn during seva and yoga)

Girls – White saree (also bring white salwar-kurta-dupatta style dress which may be worn during seva and yoga)

Clothes, basic toiletries and study materials will be provided later on in the Course as per the student’s requirement. Students may bring their personal laptops/tablets to aid in their study.

Ques. Are mp3 players and recorders allowed?

Ans. Generally yes, but permission of the Resident Acharya should be sought before recording. Use of mp3 players and recorders shall be strictly limited to study purposes.

Ques. Any specific books to bring for the Course?

Ans.  All the books and necessary stationery will be provided to students. However, students may carry notebooks and stationery for the first month and their personal daily prayer books, if any.

Ques. I don’t know Sanskrit, can I cope with the studies?

Ans. Yes, competent Acharyas will ensure that Sanskrit language skills are developed during the Vedanta Course so that the student is equipped to study the texts that are taught in the Course.

Ques. Are any examinations conducted?

Ans. Yes. The Resident Acharya will conduct revision tests on a regular basis. Also, from time to time, there will be assignments and the students are expected to answer them in a timely manner.

Ques. What can we do to prepare for the Course?

Ans. Familiarize yourself with your local Chinmaya Mission Centre. For a list of Chinmaya Mission Centres, click here  and you may like to attend a few classes so that you have an idea of what will be studied at the Course. By attending the classes, you can also ask to meet with people who have already taken the Course so that they can answer any questions that you may have. Also, it would be a big advantage to learn some Sanskrit so that you can take a higher level Sanskrit class (intermediate or advanced) at Sandeepany. In this way, you can deepen your understanding of the language, which will help you in your studies.

Ques. What is the kind of discipline that the Ashram expects from the student?

Ans. During the stay of two years, the student is expected to follow the instructions of the Acharyas and a strict disciplined way of Brahmacharya life. All classes are mandatory.

Ques. Are we allowed to leave the campus during the two years?

Ans. It is a two-year residential Course with no holidays in between. In case of an emergency, with permission from the Resident Acharya and the Chief Executive of Tara Cultural Trust, the student may leave the campus for the duration permitted.

Ques. Are our family, friends and visitors allowed to meet us or visit Sandeepany during the Course?

Ans. Yes, with prior approval from Resident Acharya. Parents may visit the ward only after the first year of the Course. The stay of the parents may be limited to a few days (3 days or so).


Ques. Are medical facilities available?

Ans. Yes.

Ques. Do we have to pay for our medical expenses?

Ans. Basic medical care for Indian national students will be provided free of cost. For students from overseas, it is advisable that you procure Medical Insurance in your country. This will be more economical and practical to cover you fully while in India, for the duration of the Course. If you are using certain prescription medication on a regular basis, please bring them with you for the duration of the Vedanta Course.

For students from overseas: You will have to take care of your medical requirements. If you are using certain medication on a regular basis, you are to bring them with you for the duration of the Vedanta Course. Regarding Medical Insurance – it is advisable that you procure your Medical Insurance in your Country. This will be more economical and practical to cover you fully, while in India, for the duration of the Course.

Special Note for Selected Students from Nepal and Sri Lanka:
1. Provision of Medical Insurance: Selected Students need not carry their medical insurance. Tara Cultural Trust will provide basic medical care during the two years of the Vedanta Course.

2. Visa and provisions to return: Students from Sri Lanka must carry a Student Visa and sufficient funds to travel back to their country, while students from Nepal only require sufficient funds for their travel back.

Ques. Do we have access to the internet, a landline phone, newspapers?

Ans. Access is minimal and at the same time not encouraged. The Resident Acharya’s permission is necessary before one accesses these services.

Ques. Can we use our mobile phones?

Ans. Students will be requested to submit their sim cards to the Ashram office. The usage of mobile phones is not encouraged. It is strongly advised to dedicate these two years entirely for studies alone. Please avoid distractions as much as possible. With the permission of the Course Acharya, when required, students can connect with their parents. Students will be allowed to connect with their parents on a pre-assigned day and time.

Ques. What are the boarding facilities provided to the students?

Ans.  Each student will get a separate room with common bathrooms.

Ques. Do we get hot water for bath/shower?

Ans. Yes.

Ques. Is there a library in the campus?

Ans. Yes, there is a well-equipped library to meet all your study needs.

Ques. Is there a fitness centre/swimming area/play area in the campus?

Ans. There is no fitness centre/swimming area in the campus. But students may play volleyball or badminton in the campus area for some time during leisure, for general health and fitness. Yoga may also be taught during the Course for physical fitness.

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