Spiritual seekers, regardless of their upbringing and faith, are carefully selected and interviewed before being accepted to undergo intensive residential training in Vedic literature.

At present, the Vedanta Course eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  •   Age limit  20 -30 years unmarried men or women with some exceptions (please see below).
  •   A university degree is a mandatory prerequisite.
  •   Written application and interview.
  •  Medical certificate – Participants must be  physically and mentally fit to go through the intensive coursework.
In some special cases as exceptions, Sandeepany Sadhanalaya does accept a few Guest Students (those above 30 years of age, householders (Grihasthas), and retired individuals who have served or have been associated with the Chinmaya Mission for long).  Such students must submit written permission from their spouse.

Obtaining consent from near and dear ones is very important, as the Chinmaya Mission does not want anyone to forsake their primary duties in life. Married couples, householders and senior citizens who wish to join Sandeepany as guest students require special permission from the course Acharya.

Gender, caste, creed, religion, nationality are no bar for applying for the Vedanta Course.

Those who would like to attend the course but cannot join as a resident student can request the course Acharya for permission to attend classes as a day scholar. Day scholars are non-residential students who live in the area and who are committed to attend every Vedanta class during the two-year course.